Saturday, 30 June 2012

Avanza: New Rear Engine / Transmission Mounting (DIY)

2005 Toyota Avanza AT 1.3L

Mileage: 180k km

The repair job I did about 9 months ago failed again.

The vibration of engine can be felt in the cabin especially during high speed, so mush so there’s vibration on the steering.. Surprised smile

Finally settled with a brand new original mounting:


Part no.: 12371‑BZ010


The mounting is actually located behind the transmission and fitted underneath the mounting bracket 12321E in the following diagram:



2012-06-30 13.39.18

The DIY write-up can be obtained from my last repair job posting:

I strongly advice Avanza owners conduct a periodical visual check on the condition of their mount [look out for crack lines, replace when excessive] because being a hardy Toyota, the car can still be used even when the mount is badly worn and if the owner is not particular or sensitive enough, may not even notice it. Driven around with a worn engine mounting may cause other components of the car to fail due to the excessive vibration of the engine, I suspected my ATF metal cooler tube ruptured by this excessive movement/shift of the engine/transmission, now suffered from leaky ATF.. Crying face

Next DIY will get it fixed, one way or another.. Winking smile

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more to come.