Monday, 29 January 2007

Avanza: DIY Cabin Filter

Objective: To install an air filter element in our aircond intake to filter and stop dirt/dust from recirculated into the cabin and along the way clog up the cooling cool in our cabin.

1. Dismantle the glove box by first open the box and lift the box upward. The glove box is secured by 2 clip-on hinges at the bottom. By lifting the box upward with little force, the hinges will release. Then slowly maneuver the box out by tilting it one side at a time.

2. You will notice the intake at the top of the cooling box. Its partially blocked by a cable. I open the clips (2 nos) of the cable tie and raise it upward to allow a bigger opening for the intake to work with and also hope that by doing this, the air flow is less obstructed.

3. Tie a wire to the intake grille. This is for fastening the filter element.

4. Place the element on top of the intake and mark the location of the wire fastener.

5. Then take the element out and place it back but this time insert the wire fasteners into the mark location and fold the wire to secure the element into position. Done!

6. Maneuver the glove box into place, then close the box with light force. The box will "sit" back into the 2 bottom hinges automatically.

Update: Filter after 2 months of usage,

So when is the right time to replace the filter element?
Well, being a lazy fella like me, I do it when I can smell external odor and that is a very good indication that the filter element is all clog up until the blower is forced to suck externally.. :p

Happy DIY!.. :D

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