Saturday, 5 November 2011

BMW E90 DIY A/C Blower Service

2007 BMW E90 N46B20

Mileage: 61k km

Been suffering from this squeaky sound when ever we change speed [accelerate/decelerate] or turning the car. I’m suspecting the blower bearing need oiling or greasing.

An example of the squealing sound is found here, only difference is for mine, I only hear the squealing when taking corners or changing speed:

Thanks to a head up by BCM Club Guest Kimi Yap, I took the plunge to take the AC blower out for servicing.

1. Slide the front passenger seat backwards.

2. Locate the 2 Torx screw under the dash and remove them.


3. Slide the dash bottom panel out. The the Item 11 in the following figure. Sorry the one in the photo is left hand drive, mine is right hand drive.. Smile

4. Now you can squeeze yourself into the footwell and look up.. haha! [~Kinky]. Figure out a way to pull the vent duct out. There’s a metal clip, I just pulled hard.. Smile with tongue out Nope, it’s not broken.. Smile

The vent duct item 6 in the following photo. Again, sorry for the LHD orientation.

5. Once the vent duct is out of the way, you see item AC Blower [Item 1]


Location “A”: Remove the wire connector

Location “B”: Suppose to be a screw point to secure the AC Blower BUT no sight of screw?!

Location “C”: A tab where we need to slightly pull/press the tab down towards the footwell with one finger and another hand rotate the AC blower counter-clockwise. Viola! The AC blower just FALL out. Smile



6. Flip the bottom cap open to oil it.



7. Oil from the top too.. check out the dirt on the fan blades. So I decided to clean them, u can use vacuum cleaner, brush but I use water.. Smile



Just beware don’t let water wet solenoid. To be safe, I use hair dryer to blow dry whatever excess moist to prevent rust to the motor components.


8. Reinstallation is just reversing the steps.. but I added a screw at Location “B”






Breakfast after a satisfying morning DIY..


The end.. Smile


  1. Please use a SS screw instead of a rusty one in the picture. If u cannot afford one let me know I will donate to one to u hehehehe

  2. Ha.. We DIY ppl will use anything that's available within a hand reach.. As long as it does the job.. Great feedback though.. Getting a right size screw is already a big job because I've tried more than 5 screws until I found the right fit.. don't intend to waste more time as my Roti Poori is waiting.. :p

  3. Hello. May I ask what kind of lubricant oil you were using for the blower fan?

    1. Castrol 0w-40 fully synthetic motor oil.. 😂 any lubricant will do, even cooking oil or sewing machine oil.. 😉