Friday, 2 March 2012

BMW E90 DIY Microfilter / Cabin filter / Pollen filter / A/C filter Change > Part #: 64 31 9 142 115

2007 BMW E90 N46B20

Mileage: 67k km


Yes! Decided to replace my item 1: Microfilter/activated carbon container

 Part #: 64 31 9 142 115

Original is made by 3M and it’s more than double the price of what I bought.

This is the original taken out from the E90…


.. and dated 2009 November.. Smile since my E90 was manufactured 2007, the microfilter was replaced before under BSRI (BMW Service and Repair Inclusive).


This is what I bought:


Check out the OEM reference part code, 64319142115, which represents the variant with embedded activated carbon for odour absorption.


Opening the housing, item 3 is simple:

Just remove 6 screws in total, all size 8mm:



Flip it up and you’ll see the microfilter is clipped under the housing.

Now let’s compare the 2 filters, why the big difference in price!! Surprised smile

Side view, right side is original, it’s using the plastic flap for sealing rather than the sponge found in the cheaper microfilter, despite made in Germany as claimed. The sponge will melt or disintegrate through time and the broken sponge will get sucked in the the a/c cooling coil.. bad idea!!


Side by side, right is original, filled with dirt.. you will also notice the original element is more spongy cotton-liked while the cheaper OEM replacement is less appealing.. Sad smile I think filter efficiency differs too.. Surprised smile 




Next stop, send the old microfilter for laundry cleaning.. LOL! Open-mouthed smile

Thank you for reading and do provide feedback at will.

Winking smile


  1. Did you change the microfilter to the cheaper one eventually? Did the disintegration happened?


  2. Yup... I am using the cheap filter.. haven't got a chance to inspect. Will inspect when I change valve cover gasket, soon. Thanks for the reminder.. ;)

  3. Is the coolxpert filter any good? I've only used Hengst which also has the foam seal.

  4. Hi 335i, can't tell the difference really. I changed because my blow motor was acting up and I thought caused by a clogged microfilter, which obviously wasn't the case. Most of the time we are using internal circulation ventilation mode, hence the microfilter is hardly used.

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