Tuesday, 1 August 2006

DIY Avanza Bonnet Insulation

Phew, took me 2 hours.

Material used: Carpet-like material bought from Brothers Kelana RM48 (120cm X 88cm). Black color type, not grey. Safeman used grey.. ;D ;D

The width of our bonnet is more than 120cm, so for perfect wrap till the edge, I split the mat into 2 piece and join in the middle.

By the time I finished one side, dinner was ready, so I had dinner first then continue. By the time I finished the complete job. Its about 8pm lio. To dark to take photos of the finished work.

DIY steps, my way... ;D

1. Mixed a pail of water with few drops of dish washing detergent. Use these water to clean the bonnet surface by wiping it using a piece of cloth to ensure surface is clean for applying the adhensive side of the mat.

2. Remove the wind screen washer nozzle.

3. Stick old news paper to half of the bonnet and mark down a rough shape of where to cut using pen. Then cut the paper loh and use it to mark the mat loh. Make sure its the right side because when we measure the newspaper is opposite side of the adhensive of the mat. Don't get it wrong. If wrong, then use it on the other half of the bonnet loh. And u have one more chance to get it right.. ;D ;D (for a while, I felt like a tailor.. ;D)

4. Now cut the mat. U may leave some extra space of about 2 inches at each side just in case because when we press the mat onto the bonnet ribs, it will take up some space. Once you finish one side, you will be more accurate on the other.

5. Now use a blade to lightly cut the adhensive protector (not the mat, just the protector) about 3 inches from the each edge. Then remove the protector, the central section of the mat leaving the 3 inches edge still protected by the adhensive protector.

6. Start with the top center and work towards the middle making sure each rib is securely stuck to the mat, then from the middle work towards the rest of the edges.

7. Once the middle section is done, now trim the edge of the mat (sections still with adhensive protector) using scissor and press it towords the bonnet to stick the edges.

8. Poke a hole on the mat for the windscreen washer nozzle and fix it back.

Now work on the other half of the bonnet... ;D I went and took my dinner before finishing the other half.. ;D ;D

Finished job:

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