Tuesday, 15 August 2006

DIY Avanza Bumper Grille Net

This DIY is to cover our big nose and mouth so "flying" stones don't damage of aircond "radiator" which cost about RM2,000.. :P

Material: Whatever net you can find, metal aluminium ones are selling for RM48 from accesories shops (I think Brothers Acc. ada also).. I use garden fencing bought for RM18.90.. :P Loose wires and cable tie to secure the net.

Tools: Cutter, blade, screw driver and size 10 wrench to remove bumber.

Time: Estimated to be around 1 hour.


Bought this from ACE Hardware IKANO:

This is how the packing looks like:

Bumper removal, for detail > Removing Front Bumper..

Use loose wire to secure the "net":

U need to be creative enough to secure this.. ;D:

Result 1:

Result 2:

Balance of my RM18.90 garden fence:

Actual usage.. ;D:

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