Sunday, 3 September 2006

DIY Avanza Rear Absorber Replacement

Tools: Size 17 wrench

Time: 20 min. (comfortably) or 5 min. (Rush job)

Pic1: Unscrew the top screw, size 17

Pic2: Unscrew bottom screw, size 17

Pic3: Grab the OEM absorber by reaching our hand in from the fender and pull the absorber out from its mount. (Typo: ..Top OFF..)

Pic4: Red vs Black

Pic5: Final result.. ;D

Installation of new absorber: No picture taken here because not enough hands.. :P

1. Mount the bottom end, insert screw.
2. Use hand to force the absorber to contract until max, then let it rebound but quickly push the absorber top back into the top chassis mount screw.
3. Fasten all bolts.

Note: Do one absorber at a time.

Must read:
When take her out for a test ride (dinner with family). First 100 meter was smooooth…, then the knocking sound came… “k-lok..k-lok..” like riding a horse..

Started from the left rear, then “infected” to the right rear too. Then it “k-loks” all the way to dinner and back. Everyone was in fear that the wheels may drop off any time. I stop the car, check for loose screw (visual). The bolts are still there woh.. ::)

After returning from dinner, went under again to inspect the job. Found the screw somewhat loose !! Screw it back in, test few hundred meters round our garden, high speed. A-Okay!

Morale of the story: No matter how small of the job can be, or how confidence are u in the job, ALWAYS test drive the car for reasonable distance after ALL DIY jobs to ensure things are done COMPLETE and all screws are tighten..

Knowledge gain: When u hear “k-lok..k-lok” like using hammer knocking the floor board or like riding horse.... = UR ABSORBER SCREW LOOSE LIO!!!

Am in outstation now, will load the car kao-kao to run in the absorber on my way returning to KL later.. ;D

Warning: This DIY only applicable for suspension with similar design. Our front absorber is totally different and removal of front absorber, the car need to be jacked up and have wheels removed. So not all suspension are desinged the same.

Our rear spring is holding up the weight of the car and is a separated independent set of components. So by removing the rear absorber, the car won’t "drop" onto the ground.. :P

Happy DIY-ing.. ;)


  1. Thank you for sharing , very useful info.. I read some comment on GAB assorber very comfort on avanza compare to ori..

  2. yes.. the car coming to 7 years old.. the GAB is still going strong! Unbelievable! :)

  3. Hi... is it your GAB still going strong now in 2016. :)