Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Avanza: Speakers Upgrade Part 2

PART 2.. ;D

Finally have chance (not time.. :P) to complete my speaker upgrade. Front speaker was completed in Apr29, 2007. Been keeping the 2nd set of speaker deep inside my store room, away from my home minister’s radar.. :P

Okay.. here goes..

Main ingredient for the day.. The speakers.. MB Quart PCE216..

More info on the box.. it shows few ways to install the speakers.. all bracket and screws included… but I did it my way.. :P ;D

Door panel removed..

Pillar panel removed.. looking for place to hide/mount the gigantic crossover.. :( testing to tuck in the crossover.. VIOLA !! perfect spot!

Remove the speaker..

Wind down the window to check for clearance for the speaker..

Check out the window panel behind the plastic protector..

Plenty of speaker clearance..

No problem at all because when fully wind down, the glass does not reach the speaker cavity. Meaning u can install speaker with monster size magnet also won’t kena the window.. ;)

Once the above was confirmed, it took me more than 30 min to hunt for my speaker cable, bought long time ago from hypermarket AV section for few Ringgit for my hi-fi, which has now retired.. :P

Insert a harder wire (red) into the wire tunnel as a guide to pull my speaker wire in..

Speakers installed.. noticed the plastic ring used as a base for my speaker.. it comes with the speaker set as frame for the mesh wire cover but I use it as a base to raise my speaker.. even though plenty of room behind but the speaker too big in diameter.. sangkut the lobang and can’t sit in properly.. still need to raise.. :(

Check out the vibrating water proof diaphragm.. ;D

Now the panel.. just like the front panel, need to trim because we have raise the speaker and the vibrating diaphragm will hit the panel..

My rusty knife at work.. :D Luckily not rusty hand.. :P

Now the tweeter.. make room for wires..

Use a satay stick to push it in… satay stick is available in my tool box, perfect for such application (won’t scratch the car)… :P ;D

Connecting all wires to crossover..

Check out where I hide the crossover.. :P Just nice.. ;D wrap the 4 edges of the crossover with some left over sound proof material to prevent the crossover from knocking all over the place..

Seat belt roller installed..

Now fabricating the bracket to gantung the tweeter.. This tweeter is a slightly bigger than my front tweeter (DSD216 series).. but same method to gantung..

Did the satay stick trick.. and lay the wire down… notice now I’m using the cheapo black/[color=red]red[/color] wire.. :P my speaker wire runs out.. :P Also pay attention to the rusty section under the step plate.. :( Now I desperately need to get my Avanza some touch up paint.. :o

Check out both my front and rear tweeter.. ;)

Rear tweeter close-up..

I decided not to hang it at the rear (3rd) pillar because:

1. more work :P
2. more wire ;D
3. too far for the rear tweeter to project to the driver/front seat, thus possibly creating irritating, ghostly :P echos.. ;D

Now waiting for rear speakers to run in.. can someone pass me a muffler for my ear please.. !! :P I shall need it for the next 2 weeks, at least.. ;D

In fact last night at the Bangsar TT after the dinner, keltan23 had a chance to test out my front speakers.. while my rear is half done.. :( He keep asking me one question.. “sure or not no amps !!??” ;D ;D

Oh..yah.. all photos taken using my 1.3MP camera phone ;) .. my 7.1MP Olympus is oversea at the moment.. :P ;D

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