Saturday, 25 August 2007

DIY Foot Well Light ( Part 2)

PART 2.....

This is to complete the both front foot well lighting.

Bulb used.. 12V 5W: RM2.90 (Tesco). What happened to my LED bulb? I gave up.. u can see it in this photo (left unit).. The illumination coverage for LED is too narrow.. :-/ So I choose to use normal bulb.

Close up... :P My phone camera not doing a good job.. ;D

Same like the driver seat foot well light fixture but this time, I use hot glue to seal all exposed connection to prevent the life cable from short circuiting with the surrounding earth.

Unlike the driver side installation, this time I did not drill hole. Just cut a gap at the edge and push the light fixture in.

Better view of bulb at its actual location..

When lighted...

From far..

The complete picture..

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