Sunday, 27 July 2008

DIY Avanza Throttle Cleaning

Just did my 80k km service and took the opportunity to check my K&N if its still there after the service.. :o

Well, the K&N is still there and I also clean the K&N while checking it. Also I noticed my throttle butterfly plate is pretty dirty.. so here goes...

Took out my STP Carb Cleaner..

Check out the dirt surrounding the throttle plate..

Inside the intake manifold but rotating the throttle where the throttle cable is located.

What I did was just start the engine, and slowly spray a little of the carb cleaner into the throttle a bit at a time so you don't "choke" the engine. Rotate the throttle a little by twisting the throttle cable plate. This will bring up the rev, again slowly spray the carb cleaner.


  1. did u notice any improvement in engine performance after cleaning the throttle?