Saturday, 16 August 2008

BMW E90 320i DIY Headlight Adjustment

If you don't want a VIOS to tapao u at night on the highway just because you can't see the road ahead due the poor low beam upper range illumination, please make sure you do this.. :D

This is a DIY for E90 headlight beam height adjustment.

Tools required:
1. A cross head screwdriver or 6mm Allen key.
2. Some masking tape.
3. Blade

Step 1: Identify the headlight beam height adjuster screw, it's located behind the headlight assembly, facing up, very easy to find.

Step 2: Cut/tear a small piece of masking tape and mark a line with a pen.

Step 3: Stick the masking tape on the edge of the screw to mark its position, then use a blade to slice the masking tape to free the upper part which can rotate with the screw.

NOTE: Anti clock wise higher beam throw and vise versa. Recommendation is 3 x 360 degree turns anti clock wise. I just did one turn and leave the masking tape there so can adjust if I'm not happy.

I have no problem with my passenger side head light, so I just adjusted my driver side headlight.

The screw. Can use either the 6mm Allen key or the Philip/cross head screw driver. I prefer using Allen key because confirm won't slip and damage the screw, and easy to count the turn.

The masking tape marker. See carefully how the masking tape is sliced in the middle.

This is where the screw is located.

Result? I have not tested yet.. :p


  1. Naz - Thanks Buddy for info will test tonight

  2. Instead of masking tape you can use your favourite type/page/line eraser white fluid with its tiny brush (often comes in tiny white plastic bottle with brush) to mark the area on the adjusting screw. It is white in colour and seen easily and can be wiped off/scraped off if you want to, later.

  3. Can't see any pictures. It gives me a Photobucket error.