Monday, 18 May 2009

DIY: An attempt to repair a windshield crack

A sudden drizzle on a hot sunny afternoon has cracked my windshield. Saw a chip with an impact point at the edge on the windshield towards the rubber trim, 1 more mm towards the rubber would have reverse my mis-fortune.

The chip may have been there for days without me realising it because it's at the edge and I didn't wash my car for more than 3 weeks.. :p

So when I saw the crack, its already 4" long and within the same day, grew another few inches and stop at about 8".

My windscreen repairer always advise me to put a cellophane tape over the chip or crack to avoid contamination which will make repairing less perfect. So I did the same.

Contacted my repairer and told him the situation, he asked me to replace the windshield because crack too serious. I managed to locate another repairer that'll do the job for me but I decided on the more adventurous path.... DIY!!

After some sourcing and finally bought this:

While waiting for it to cure under the sun... :D

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