Monday, 20 July 2009

Avanza: DIY Oil Change

Its 110k km..

1. Oil filter wrench.
2. size 14 wrench.
3. waste oil container.
4. Old news paper.
5. Tissue or toilet roll.

1. Oil filter.
2. Engine oil.

~ No need to jack up the car.
~ Size 14 wrench need to be reasonably long to make the open of drain bolt easier. Quite tight.
~ Warm up engine or take a short breakfast drive, let the engine cool down a little so the oil release is not boiling hot.
~ Lay the old news paper on the floor so any spillage will not dirty the floor.
~ Loosen the size 14 drain bolt.
~ Place the waste oil container below the drain bolt.
~ Open drain bolt. I use hand to open. The oil when come in contact with hand, its hot. But not boiling la.
~ Leave it drain until u are satisfied. I left it for about an hour.. :p
~ Now u can loosen (not open) oil filter while waiting for the oil to drip. Just loosen it will do. Open it now will spill oil to the floor. Wait!
~ Clean up the drain bolt and the outlet on the oil sump. Screw the bolt back in. No need very tight, just a slight torque using the size 14 wrench because you may damage the little bolt.
~ Drag the waste container until its directly under the oil filter.
~ Now open the oil filter with the oil filter wrench.
~ The oil filter is directly in the exhaust manifold, so its a little cramp in there. My little plastic oil filter opener get a little handful because get caught by the exhaust manifold. DON'T DO THIS WHEN ENGINE IS VERY HOT BECAUSE EXHAUST MANIFOLD CAN BURN YOUR HAND.
~ Once open the open filter, use toilet paper or tissue to clean the contact area and this is what it looks like:

~ Apply some fresh engine oil over the filter oil seal to wet it so it seats better.
~ Can actually hand tight the oil filter.. ;D
~ Pour in fresh oil, and measure using the dipstick. DON'T POUR IN THE WHOLE BOTTLE, WE DON'T THAT MUCH.
~ Start the engine, visually inspect for leakage.
~ If no leakage, take it for a short drive, then check again.
~ Stop the engine and check oil level again. Top up until it reached the MAX mark on the dip stick.
~ Check on leakages again the next morning and so forth (subsequent days to come) until you are comfortable.


This is the oil filter. I bought it from SC, very cheap only, don't risk getting from outside spare part shop just to save few Ringgit. Very different internal design.


  1. I want to change oil myself. My problem is I cannot find oil drain bolt. Where is it?

  2. It's directly under the engine.