Monday, 17 August 2009

Avanza: Dead Battery

One year and 2 months after using the MF battery, it finally died on me last night.. :'(

The kids were playing with a portable DVD player in the back seat which comes with the little interesting mount:

So they switched on the rear cabin light and left it on for 2 hours after reached home returning from dinner.

When I tried cranking the engine after that, only hear "" the starter actuator trying to push the starter rotor into the flywheel but no cranking.. :o

Had to went for Eneos to pickup a battery just in case. Saw they selling Yokohama N40 for RM180 and N60 for RM183.. :o Contemplated for a awhile because I'm against putting a bigger battery than necessary and suffer the weight penalty... but the RM3 price difference is really a BIG DEAL!! :p

So die die decided on the N60. The battery wasn't filled with acid, so had to get the Eneos mechanic to fill the acid. Its a small terminal battery, just nice for our Avanza.

Understanding the fact that once MF battery is drained, there's no charging back because the technology doesn't allow as one of the published disadvantage of MF battery.

I put in the N60, tried to crank, same thing, fail! :o Maybe the newly poured in acid has not work itself into the lead plates yet.. So I use a jumper cable to run both battery in parallel. Still fail. At the end, no choice by to use my other car's DIN100 to jump the 1.3L and it works. So after it started, I connected the N40 and N60 in parallel to let them share the charge for a while, then remove the N60, leaving the MF N40 for charging for about 10 min. Then kill the engine and crank it again. And it works! So I wrap the newly bought N60 and kept it in the car as spare.. and see how the rescued N40 goes. Will keep u folks updated.. ;-)

By the way, the terminals for the N60 despite is the correct size, but wrong orientation. Need to pasang terbalik and the terminal wires will run over the battery refill cap... :-(

Anyone out there care to share their battery use experience? My mileage now is 112k km. First OEM N40 battery lasted 34 months!! :o


  1. Bro.. Need your help on my avanza's (AT) leaking on oil seal. Happened a fews days ago.Currently i am trying to search the best quotation from worksyop at bidor area.Do u know how much usually the price of oil seal and labour cost??FYI, my avanza was 4 years old now..I can be contacted via email Thanks in advance..

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  3. Sorry Bro, no idea.

    Try check with SC, their price sometime is not that expensive and u get warranty on parts replaced, plus no fake part.