Saturday, 5 September 2009

Avanza: DIY Swap Battery Terminals

Been wanting to do this but keep forgetting..

Our battery terminals are having odd orientation and for the 2 replacement batteries I bought for the Avanza, the terminals are at the wrong size.

Before: Notice how the wires to the terminals has to run over the top of the battery and if its a conventional lead acid battery, I will have problem opening the filler caps.

After: Now the wires to the terminal are not obstructing the battery filler caps.

This needs to be done, the size 10 screw mounting the battery ground to the side needs to be relocated to the strut housing for the short ground wire to reach the new further negative terminal.

While I was doing the job, I took the opportunity to open the reach for the conceal maintenance free battery filler cap.

Viola! There's acidic liquid inside.. ;-)

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