Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Roadtrip: Zoom down to Singapore F1 style

70 photos here, "take your time".. Old Town style.. :D

8am at Sg Besi rendezvous point..

Few familiar faces and some new faces.. mingling, putting on stickers, thanks to XXX's soap water which makes putting the stickers a breeze and even removal is no sweat! Too bad Fabian's little flag none survived the trip. :o

Cold morning makes driving refreshing! vrooom.. vroooomm..

First stop Pagoh where few members joined us here.

No.1 car..

First distress call hit us not long leaving Pagoh. We stopped to waited for awhile before continue our journey.

Gelang Patah exit.

Gelang Patah R&R for lunch and changing money. The money changer do not have enough SGD for all. But the money changer reloaded themselve with SGD before we finish out lunch. Talk about efficiency, man!

Few Southern members meet us here.

Briefing before we "invade" Tuas check point!

First fleet of UDM sent over the straits..

Poolside reception at Golden Landmark Hotel.

The so called Indian Island? :eek:

Pool view room

The famous alcohol place.. :p Clark Quay. My family didn't join the Tepak Sireh dinner. We had dinner in China Town with some friends and drove to Clark Quay after dinner.

We brought the kids for a boat ride into Singapore river in Clark Quay. This is the famous Merlion, photo taken from the boat ride.

The Sands Casino in construction.

The bridge in F1 track, notice the overhead light rail.

We saw this big human "yo-yo" during the boat ride and human screaming in the "yo-yo"

After the boat ride, saw some were flying kites in the dark and this is how their kites look like, all different shape and size.

Illuminated kites in action. All running electric fans, real quiet in operation but very nice.

Day 2: Breakfast.

Shopping trip to Orchard road for some of us after breakfast. We chartered this transporter who sent us to the loading bay of ION shopping complex.. Yes! loading bay.. :p It was raining, otherwise we would have taken MRT.

The quiet newly opened ION shopping complex, not many stores are occupied.

We quickly find our way to TANGS to spend the voucher.. :p .. and yes, still raining outside. So we were looking for underpass.

Saw these 2 GT Queens along the way. ;-)

Finally found our way there..

Shopping with the missy.. same old story in a foreign land.. :(

The SGD20 voucher couldn't last 15 min.. soon enough, we find ourselves in Orchard Road..

One of the fail shots.. waste my film.. :p

Another shopping center..

The new //M?

Spot the 7..

Wet Orchard..

Shopping continue..

Lunch time..

More yummy stuffs..

Baby fair?! :o

Lunch finally!

Sharing an point of view.. ;-)

Standard ticket, non-standard ticket, *&^%$#@!! tickets..

Our ride back to Bugis..

Wah! I felt being watched! Mana mau lari?!

4pm TT with S'pore folks in Kallang.

Futuristic vs Classic.

Another classic..

Day 3: 9am check out to F1 track. 2 more cars died in the parking.. :p Luckily Chili e30's DIY jumper cable managed to rescue one of them..

Rendezvous in Pan Pacific Hotel before entering the S'pore GP track.

The amazing Pan Pac..

Media Briefing.. :p

Saw this on our way to the GP track.. :o Check out the huge propeller underneath.. :o

The entrance of the track..

My precious..

Story telling time..

The podium.. where Champagne rain will shower on GP day.

Podium walk about.. :p

The Ferrari pit..

This is where the "5 lights" will be hanged to flag off the race.

Turn 1.


Top-up before u leave.. ;-)

There u go, 70 photos.. ;-) Thanks for watching..

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