Friday, 23 September 2011

Avanza: DIY Removal of Excess / Overfilled ATF

1 day after I replaced the ATF, even with around 2.3L of ATF, I still felt overfilled. So that prompted me to perform this next DIY: To siphon out excess or overfilled ATF.

I connected the hand soap nozzle to a rubber hose as my siphon device. Insert the other end of the rubber hose into the transmission via the transmission fluid dipstick entrance. Use an empty drinking bottle as a catch, keep pumping the ATF out. It takes less than 3 minute to get rid of my following excess ATF. Don’t forget to check the ATF level once in a while during pumping to avoid over siphoning of the fluid leaving insufficient fluid in the transmission..

Check out my state-of-the-art device.. LOL! Open-mouthed smile


The ATF I managed to siphon out.. Check out how dirty the fluid is despite only 1 day after the ATF change. This is because only less than 40% of the oil fluid is drained through transmission oil pan. The bulk of it still stuck in the torque converter. So moral of the story, replace your ATF more often. I am practicing every 40k km but I certainly recommend 20k km if your time and budget permit. In fact every litre of the genuine Toyota D-III ATF sold by the authorised service centre only cost MYR19, so 3L only cost less than MYR60. You can even fill your empty fuel tank with that amount of money. By the way, the balance fresh ATF can be used to replace your power steering fluid in the power steering reservoir. They share the same type of fluid. To siphon your power steering fluid from it’s reservoir, same technique, via the power steering fill / dipstick cap. Winking smile


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