Friday, 7 October 2011

Avanza: DIY Power Steering Fluid Replacement

Hand wash pump, stick it into the power steering reservoir and pump. Be careful not to pierce the strainer inside the reservoir. This is not a perfect method because:

1. The insert of the hand pump too hard, can damage the metal strainer netting in the reservoir.

2. The hand pump suction is not powerful enough to siphon out debris in the reservoir. After I siphoned out the fluid, a peek with a torch light revealed that there’s debris inside the reservoir.

The next time I do this, you should see some improvement to my method.  


Check out the fluid color. On the left is from my 1 day old partial drained transmission fluid, taken out due to overfilled. On the right, is the one taken out from my power steering reservoir. Dirty eh?!

Still the power steering fluid appear less dark comparing to the transmission fluid. Planning for a full drain in 20k km time. Stay tuned!

The 3L partial drain of transmission fluid is really hopeless!


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  1. Bro Astroboy.. I need your help. Everytime i drive my avanza on the gravel road, i can feel my steering wheel shakes. I had replaced both lower arm bushing and tie rods but the problem still remain. Do you have any advice about this problem? Thank you in advance

    1. Possibly looseness in steering rack.. never encounter before..