Monday, 10 October 2011

Avanza: DIY Squeaky Drum Brake / Brake Dust Cleaning

I just found this in my archive. It is a procedure to clean our rear brake dust because when it cumulates, it created squeaky noise. This job was done in October 2010.

Tools needed:

1) Wheel opener

2) Size 12 bolt

3) Brush

4) Size 12 wrench

5) Car jack

6) Rubber hammer

Loosen (not remove!) the wheel lug, jack up the rear, remove the wheel, use the size 12 bolt to screw in for pushing the hub cover out

Hint: Secure the all 3 others wheels from rolling because to perform this, you must release the parking/hand brake. If not, the parking brake will grab on tight to the hub cover and you wouldn’t be able to remove the hub cover. This is not a front wheel drive vehicle, so the front wheel will roll freely if we lift the rear.

The rubber hammer is to knock the hub to loosen it while screwing in with the size 12 bolt.


This is how the rear brake internal looks like. You can clearly see the rear brake shoe still appears to be very thick. This is at above 100k km. Original 6 years old brake shoe, never replace before.


This is a close up of my humble tools. Smile Check out the hub cover on the left, there a tiny hole for the size 12 bolt to screw in, that’s how we force the hub cover out.


Check out the amount of dust I managed to dust out. Surprised smile


To  put the hub cover back, just put it back in and fasten the wheel.

Hint: Jack one rear wheel at a time because the other rear wheel needs to remain on the ground. The transmission selector set to ‘P’, the other rear wheel will help secure the car from rolling. Still, for extra precautionary measure, use objects like bricks to block both front wheels and the other rear wheel from rolling. When jacking, do it slowly and monitor the car for the slightest rolling if any. Can be potential safety hazard if this is not observed.

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoy my write up.. till next blog update, Adios! Smile

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